21 November 2017
Deinstallation and Review
End of the Exhibition lebenswelt | life-world 

After a ten-month viewing-period the exhibition lebenswelt | life-world came to an end in October. The large number of visitors and the consistently positive feedback from the press made it one of the most successful exhibitions organized by the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung.
Some excerpts from our guestbook:

Again a fascinating, inspiring exhibition with surprising glass formations and experimental techniques! Congenial: The photographic views! Thanks! It’s always worth coming back to this beautiful place.

Very appealing! Fantastic how photography merges into drawing and painting. Surprising what glass can do. Beautiful!

I am very happy to have found this jewel!

My first contact with modern glass sculpture: filigree but also compact; very creative artists, the epitome of aesthetics! Wonderful that there is such an art gallery and museum in Munich.

The filigree and fragile glass artworks require particularly careful handling while packing. Safely stored in sturdy wooden crates, they await their next exhibition in the art warehouse. We are starting our preparations for the new exhibition Viewing the Other (26 January to 29 June 2018) immediately.

Photos © Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung