31 October 2014
Views of the Exhibition

With our new exhibition photographs we would like to incite curiosity for the current exhibition Ann Wolff: Persona and invite you to visit the same. Spread over four levels, ever new and interesting insights and perspectives open up onto the sculptures. The entry welcomes visitors with sculptures that interpret faces in various ways. In the Rondell you will find the large glass sculpture River weighing 260 kilograms. Looking at the glass-and-concrete work Head and Head on the floor, you can literally see—in keeping with the subject—how the mask is pulled from the face. On the second floor, visitors discover the pastel drawings that are so important to Wolff’s work as well as two glass collages. The sculpture Persona, which gives the exhibition its name, attracts particular attention due to the light effects and reflections. And from the stairwell you will enjoy a special perspective of the aluminum sculpture Mold located in the garden…

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Fotos H.-J. Becker © Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung

All artworks: © Ann Wolff
Photos H.-J. Becker © Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung