STARTING FROM 12 October 2007
The Heart Forever Yearns Away
Thematic Exhibition with Sculptures by C. Budig, J. Gussek, U. Huth und S. Peretti

Quest and yearning are the subjects of the new exhibition at the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung in Munich. In the show entitled Und immer sehnt sich fort das Herz (The Heart Forever Yearns Away), the renowned foundation for contemporary glass displays more than thirty glass sculptures. The internationally recognized artists Christiane Budig, Jens Gussek, Ursula Huth, and Sibylle Peretti made the objects especially for this thematic exhibition from Germany. The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung thus continues its series of ambitious exhibitions. With its last show Das verlorene Gesicht wieder gefunden (The Face – Lost and Found Again), the foundation aroused international attention.

Chairwoman Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek says: “The quest is for human beings one of the motivating forces for the spiritual, intellectual and technical development of humankind. The quest for that which is distant, for the other, for freedom, truth, new or strong feelings, transcendental moments, as well as for happiness are the essential motifs that determine life and life’s journey.”

The exhibition title “Und immer sehnt sich fort das Herz”, taken from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s East-West Divan, expresses humankind’s constant quest very poetically. Glass, a material that is not yet well known in modern art, conveys this theme in a very special way.
Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek: “Although glass is something commonplace for
us – we can hardly imagine our lifestyle today without glass – it has had something very magical throughout the millennia. Glass is sensuous. Depending on how it has been made, glass feels completely smooth and cool, it can be rough and can injure, or it can be as soft as velvet.”
Compared to other media such as ceramics, metal, stone, synthetics, or the virtual images that dominate modern art increasingly, glass has a special quality, an additional dimension – its optical depth. Alternating between clear, opaque, translucent, colored, cut, and uncut glass, artists have infinite possibilities to allow different perceptions and perspectives.”

The exhibition title indicates the long way that art with glass has taken in the last few decades since leaving behind functional forms such as vases or bowls. Subjects like this would have been unthinkable just a little while ago. Today’s tendencies show that not only have artists accepted glass as a medium but glass has also developed into an independent form of art. The objects make multilayered statements today. Subtle, abstract, transcendental, or mythological ideas and subjects are important. The individual objects in the exhibition give rise to inner stories and illustrate that artists are venturing into new thematic and emotional realms.

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