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This Side of Africa
Contemporary Glass | Photography

Journeys are connected with a yearning for the unknown. The yearning to experience life differently and the wish to experience oneself with a different view of the world are our means of transport, much more than a car, airplane, or ship. These themes interest the sculptor Jens Gussek in his works of glass and mixed media as well Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek in her photographs.

The in part delicate, in part compact and archaically fashioned objects and installations of glass and mixed media by Jens Gussek poetically reflect his metaphoric themes. He entitles two delicate bowls connected by a narrow band Islands of Love. The content of each remains mysterious.

Gussek robs things of daily life—right up to ships—of their former function. A small wood camel seems to want to move a huge pyramid made of black glass balls. This profound game, breaking up the familiar and showing it from a different perspective, also characterizes the artistic photographs of Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek. They capture the hidden emotions of fleeting moments.

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