02 November 2018
Final Exhibition Days
Free Entry to Exhibitions

The exhibitions Viewing the Other (Tue-Fri 2-6 pm) and Havana Short Shadows (Fri 2-6 pm) end on 16 November 2018. On the final exhibition days both exhibitions are free of charge. Take advantage of these last few days to see sculptures of glass by renowned artists such as Tony Cragg, Kiki Smith, and Mona Hatoum (exhibition Viewing the Other) as well as selected photographs from the recently published book Havana Short Shadows by Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek. The fascinating imagery impressively illustrates Havanna’s street life and documents life in a society whose politics, trade, and communication have been restricted for a long time.

Last Guided Tour
The last guided tour through the exhibition Viewing the Other will take place on Thursday, 8 November 2018, at 4 pm. Please register for the tour by mailing event@atstiftung.de or phoning +49-89-55 27 30 611.

Preview picture: Kiki Smith, Ashen, 2010, Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Collection © Kiki Smith, courtesy Pace Gallery; Photo: Kerry Ryan McFate