25 April 2017
Haus der Kunst in Munich
Foundation Supports Thomas Struth: Figure Ground (5 May - 7 January 2018)

The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung exclusively supports the comprehensive Thomas Struth exhibition at Haus der Kunst, Munich. The foundation is financing the exhibition in addition to its ongoing commitment as major supporter of Haus der Kunst.

The retrospective entitled Thomas Struth: Figure Ground covers all phases of the outstanding as well as systematic artistic achievements of Thomas Struth during the past four decades. His photographs explore the world in a number of work groups based on various social themes. After series of museum photographs (Museum Photographs), primeval forests (New Pictures from Paradise), and family studies (Familienportraits), Struth’s most recent works address science and technology. These photographs of research institutions, chemical firms, or space stations raise disturbing questions about the development of humankind.

Since June 2016 Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung is the partner and major supporter of Haus der Kunst. Beyond its substantial support, the foundation has in recent years also funded the photographic exhibitions of artists Stan Douglas and James Casebere.

For more information about the exhibition see www.hausderkunst.de/ausstellungen/detail/thomas-struth/

Preview Photo (detail):
Facade of Haus der Kunst, 2012
Photo: Maximilian Geuter © Haus der Kunst


Thomas Struth, Wangfujing Dong Lu, Shanghai 1997 © Thomas Struth


Thomas Struth, Audience 11, Florenz 2004 © Thomas Struth