09 May 2016
Mineralogy in Schools
Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Sponsors the Project Mineralogy in a Suitcase

The project Mineralogy in a Suitcase encourages the essential area of mineralogy in schools. The subject of mineralogy imparts basic knowledge for many socially relevant issues such as natural resources, materials science, natural disasters, or climate reconstruction. Yet the subject rarely occurs on curricula. The suitcases developed by the Committee for Schools and Universities of the German Mineralogical Society are meant to remedy this. The visual teaching aids included in the suitcases range from natural resources to industrial products and convey geoscientific and material-science themes. Within the context of the project sponsored by the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, the suitcases have been a success at numerous schools already.

At the moment teachers have the choice of five different training modules, which the German Mineralogical Society will send for a flat shipping rate. For further information on the resource suitcases see here.


Rock Cycles


Extracting copper from copper ore


Symmetry module